Curieuse Island in Seychelles
Curieuse Island
Curieuse Island is a notable gem within the Seychelles archipelago, known for its rich natural heritage and stunning beauty. Spanning an area of approximately 2.9 square kilometers, this small granitic landmass lies just north of the larger Praslin Island, making it a tantalizingly close destination for visitors looking to explore beyond the beaten path. The island's distinctive red earth and lush greenery provide a striking contrast to the clear turquoise waters that surround it, offering a visual feast for the eyes.
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Jellyfish tree flower, endemic to Seychelles
Jellyfish Tree
The Jellyfish Tree, or Medusagyne oppositifolia, is a rare and fascinating species endemic to the Seychelles, specifically the island of Mahé. Its notable name is derived from the peculiar jellyfish-like shape of its fruit. Classified within the family Ochnaceae, it is the sole member of its genus, rendering it a unique botanical specimen. Though it was believed to be extinct, a small number of trees were rediscovered in the 1970s, sparking interest and concern in conservation circles.
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